Whole House Solutions, LLC is a proud partner of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®.

For Homeowners of Existing Homes:

Assessment Audit
An Assessment Audit includes a visual inspection of a home from the basement to the attic. A blower door test is used to check for air infiltration.  At the same time we inspect the walls of the home using an infra-red camera. The infra-red camera provides a way to see actual air infiltration and insulation levels. We inspect the mechanical systems, test the heating system, and test the hot water heater for draft, spillage and carbon monoxide. We also test the exhaust fans to see if they are working efficiently. The Assessment Audit is followed up by a written report that includes a summary of the findings and recommendations for improvements. 

Ratings Audit
The Ratings Audit includes all of the above plus a computer analysis of the home. This rating provides a detailed economic analysis of proposed improvements and documents the areas of the home that use the most energy. The rating will prioritize the measures to take that will save the most money over time.

We offer Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. As professionals with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, we are trained to identify the cause of problems or potential problems in your home and provide you with solutions. With special diagnostic tools and building science we can demonstrate the energy efficiency of your home, the “tightness” of the building shell, and determine if your mechanicals are working safely. We inspect the whole house from the attic to the basement.

With REM/RATE® software we will perform a computer modeling of your home’s energy performance. This analysis provides guidance on improvements that can be made to maximize energy efficiency.

Diagnostic testing we perform:

  • Blower door test: quantifies the air tightness of the building shell.
  • Ventilation test: tests airflow capacity and the ventilation system’s potential to properly remove moisture, odors and other indoor air pollutants.
  • Combustion safety test: tests for adequate ventilation, draft and carbon monoxide levels.
  • Infrared camera scan: locates missing insulation behind walls and sealed cavities.
  • Post inspection: verifies that insulation, ventilation and air sealing work are complete and effective.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® will help improve the comfort, safety durability and energy efficiency of your home.

For Remodeling Contractors:
Whole House Solutions, LLC would like you to be our partner with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. As your partner, we can deliver home performance services to you as a third-party impartial auditor.

Larry Houghton, Owner